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The Georgia Hemp Company, who had been in business for a few years, already had established a fun, light-hearted brand personality and had developed three locations to serve Georgia’s finest. The company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality hemp products and advocating for the growing and awareness of hemp, CBD, Delta 8/9 and THCA education. They were in search of a creative mind who would take their visual brand to the next-level; someone who could bring ideas to the table, work with the established brand and keep up with the constantly evolving cannabis industry. Dani Lou fit that bill.


Starting with smaller projects, Dani Lou started getting to know the GHC brand on a deeper level. Then Dani Lou created a brand extension for GHC to give the brand more options with brand colors, typography and branded assets – this gave the company an overall more playful image and tone, but did not innately change the brand’s existing personality. With the extra tools in the brand’s design tool kit, Dani Lou set out to take on whatever creative projects GHC dreamt up.


From quirky mascot campaigns to advertising partnerships with well known sports teams and athletes to new store openings, GHC always has plenty of fun and exciting design projects going on. However, even though GHC is known for their lively and amusing personality, they take some things very seriously: quality products, engaging experiences and cannabis education for their consumers.

The Georgia Hemp Company is a steward for the continued sustainable growth of the hemp industry, as they take that into consideration when selecting the safest, quality ingredients for each product. Dani Lou Illustrates also took that into consideration when designing low-waste packaging for GHC products.

Highly engaged in various communities in Georgia, GHC takes every opportunity to attend or sponsor events around the state and spread awareness about the cannabis industry. This gave Dani Lou the opportunity to brand the inaugural Green Hat Classic event, help create event-sponsored experiences, and even design billboard images for the Sweetwater 420 Festival.

It is also important that GHC stays up to date with all the latest advancements and trends in the cannabis industry, including offering leading-edge products such as high seltzers, THCA flower and their own creations like the “Puff ’n Chug” koozie. Dani Lou and GHC are always on the lookout for their next inspiration for a product or clever design.

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