It’s True.

And if you embrace originality,

creativity, and proven success –

We’re already friends.

One early morning, before fourth grade at school.

I could not find the outfit that made me feel cool.

Snuck into mom’s closet.

Tried on her clothes…

And what fit my ten-year old frame you suppose?



A slim, long-gray sweatshirt. Perfect length for a dress?

Oversized red belt with hand-made earrings to impress.

Finished off the ensemble

with black n’ white boots…

cool mid-calf cut; my style was the truth!



Bounced into the classroom and sat at my desk,

Where the attention of 25 fourth graders

now seemed to rest.

“You are so weird!!!”

One louder kid yelled.

Smiling I said, “Thank you. It’s how I’m compelled.”


DaniLou Illustrates is a full service design, illustration and strategy studio built to embrace the weird and embrace the quirks that make brands and humans special.

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