How is a story best told? Through words and visuals.

Dani Lou illustrates your brand story and brings it to life.


Your brand visuals set the stage for every part of your client’s experience with your business.


And that is exactly why there should always be a reason behind every line in your design. Every line adds up to tell your story to the audience so that you can captivate them!





Just like eating dessert before dinner,

creative projects should be fun, slightly

indulgent (it’s all about YOU!) and

satisfyingly good for the soul

Tell Me About

Your Monkey

My process always starts out by asking so many questions that you feel like you’re giving a Rolling Stone interview.

This is called the Discovery Session.

You know that writer you quote constantly?

I want to know who.

You know that secret passion you have for Greek mythology from your intro class sophomore year?

I want to know about it.

You know that pet capuchin monkey you had in 7th grade?

I want to know!

Seemingly insignificant details can sometimes bring the whole story together and make the magic happen. Of course, I want to know all about your business;
but YOU are the face behind the brand, so tell me about your monkey. I want to know! I can’t promise everything will show up in your brand, but we will make sure the most important pieces shine through.

Fit In While

Standing Out

From there, I research your competitive landscape
to discuss how to fit in while standing out.
This is what I call your Visual Storyline.

We need to FIT INTO the competitive landscape of your field,
but STAND OUT enough to be the business that catches
their attention for all the right reasons. We will review
the current trends in your industry and determine the
best ORIGINAL direction for your business.

The Visual Storyline continues by compiling inspirational images
that relay the ‘right look’ and ‘feel’ for your brand. These vital first steps
pave the way to building out your unique and ownable designs, allowing your story to be fully seen.

Get A Life

Where will people see your brand?

When will people interact with your brand?

How will people connect with your brand?

I don’t believe your story is conveyed solely through design, but also in where & how that design lives… so l build visual brands with life to them!

Life in their purpose, personality, longevity, usage & most importantly in their ability to build a stronger relationship with your customers & clients.

Our Brand Strategy and Design Services include...

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Event Branding

  • Visual Brand Alignment

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Campaign Development

  • Package Design

  • Signage

  • Branded Apparel Design

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