Coca-Cola/Legend PR


Atlanta, Georgia


SM Campaign


Legend PR reached out to Dani Lou Illustrates, and a select few other artists in the state, to help launch the new Coca-Cola Peach flavored beverage both for promotional items for VIPs and for a social media campaign. Fifteen wooden panels were sent with directions to create art ‘inspired by my personal experience growing up and living in Georgia.’ Dani Lou Illustrates documented the process with photos and videos, then shared on various social media platforms for the campaign. The panels were then shipped back to Coca-Cola and made into keepsake, vintage Coca-Cola caddies to gift as promotional items.


Much time and effort was spent thinking of the countless ways Georgia has influenced Dani Lou Illustrates as a creative and as a person. A range of iconic landmarks, buildings, environments, flora & fauna, and well-known personalities were used to create three, detailed pen and ink illustrations. The illustrations were then transferred onto the wooden panels and hand-painted to create 15 unique designs that embody Dani Lou’s experience as a Georgian. The concept was to create illustrations so complex that it took viewer time to travel through and reflect on the illustration to find all the personal details that helped influence the Dani Lou Illustrates style.


The Coca-Cola building is included on each illustration, as well as a peach, to highlight the client and their location.

Martin Luther King Jr., Scarlett O’Hara and Outkast are featured as influential personalities throughout the series.

The Blue Ridge parkway, coastal communities and the city of Atlanta are depicted to emphasize the vast range of environments in the state.

Regional buildings, such as the famous Fox Theater, the Georgia State Capitol and the Tybee lighthouse, are spotlighted in the designs.

A white-tailed deer, an egret, magnolias and dogwood blooms are scattered throughout the illustrations to underline the importance of the experience with nature.

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