What Does a Brand Strategist Do?

A brand strategist is an important role in the world of marketing, communications, and public relations. A brand strategist helps companies and organizations develop an effective and authentic brand identity, maximize brand awareness and reach, and protect their brand’s reputation. By utilizing strategic analysis and research, a brand strategist will develop tactics for creating a strong brand presence in the market.

This article will explore what exactly a brand strategist does and how they support business objectives with effective brand strategies. It will also cover how to become a brand strategist and the benefits of having a dedicated brand strategist on staff.

The Role of a Brand Strategist

The primary responsibility of a brand strategist is to create and implement a strategic plan for reaching marketing goals. To do this, brand strategists analyze current brand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and create data-driven strategies on how to move forward. The ultimate goal is to create an effective strategy that positions the brand to create new customers, increase market share and build customer loyalty.

Brand strategists work closely with marketing teams to develop and execute a comprehensive branding plan. This includes determining the company’s target audience, brand attributes such as tone, personality, and message, and analyzing competitive markets to determine areas for competitive advantage.

In addition to developing strategies to meet current business objectives, a brand strategist must also keep an eye on the future, planning for growth and changes in the competitive landscape. This can include devising strategies for new product launches, creating an effective content strategy or developing an outreach program to engage with customers.

Becoming a Brand Strategist

Becoming a brand strategist requires a mix of education, experience and skills. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communications or a related field is generally preferred. Additional qualifications such as a master’s in marketing, an MBA or certification in brand strategy can give candidates an edge in the job market.

Real-world experience is also essential. Most brand strategists have previous experience in marketing, public relations, or another related field. It’s also beneficial to have experience in researching customer demographics and trends, staying up-to-date on the latest industry news, developing marketing campaigns and measuring results.

Brand strategists need certain skills and abilities to develop a successful brand strategy. Analytical thinking, research and market analysis, marketing and communication knowledge and creative problem-solving are all essential to this role. The ability to present data, explain technical concepts in layman’s terms, and create convincing sales pitches is also a necessary skill.

Having a successful track record of creating and implementing successful campaigns can also give candidates an advantage in the hiring process.

The Benefits of a Brand Strategist

Having a brand strategist on staff can provide numerous benefits for organizations of any size. As mentioned above, their primary purpose is to create effective strategies for optimizing and protecting a brand’s reputation. This can include setting goals, analyzing current customer behaviour and market trends, researching competitors, and creating unique strategies to stand out in the market.

Brand strategists can also help ensure that all marketing campaigns and initiatives adhere to the overall branding strategy. Everything from organization website, customer service, and customer interactions to traditional advertising campaigns and promotional materials should reflect the brand’s tone and message.

A brand strategist can also provide valuable insights into customer and market trends in order to fine-tune strategies and reach desired objectives. Their intimate understanding of the brand can help ensure that the organization’s message and identity remained cohesive and consistent.

Finally, having a dedicated brand strategist can ensure that customer service and interaction reflects the organization’s values and further reinforces the brand’s message. This is essential for creating customer loyalty and trust.


The role of a brand strategist is to create and implement marketing strategies that protect and promote an organization’s brand message and identity. Brand strategists must have a deep understanding of the customer, the industry, and the competition in order to create effective strategies that reach desired goals and objectives.

This article has outlined what a brand strategist does, how to become one and the benefits of having a brand strategist on staff. Whether you’re considering hiring a brand strategist or looking to enter this field yourself, this article should provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools for getting started.

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