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Sympleaf Wellness is a purveyor of cannabinoid-based products developed to provide simple and daily fortification of the Endocannabinoid system. The business was looking for a creative person who could create a glossy visual brand and packaging system, and grow the brand with them as the business took root.


Sympleaf is a business with big goals… they aim to become the go-to business for health-conscious cannabis use. They believe that the best way to manage your health is through a holistic approach, including the use of products created with hemp. Research has supported the concept that hemp products can improve one’s quality of life and assist in preventing health challenges by reinforcing the body’s Endocannabinoid system. Dani Lou Illustrates planned to create an eye-catching, science-founded, luxurious visual brand for this superior line of hemp goods.


“Symphasis” is the process of growing together. Paired with “leaf,” Sympleaf represents growing; Growing a premium line of products. Growing the legal cannabis market. Growing our ideas of how cannabis can positively impact our overall health. Growing as a business with their customers’ trust at top of mind. Growing as humans. This led Dani Lou Illustrates to the tagline, “Sympleaf Wellness: We’re Growing, Together.”

The tagline inspired the submark of the brand, shown as two parts of the letter “S” growing merging and creating growth as the leaves emerge from the mark.

The extended branding, used for the Sympleaf packaging system and marketing, was inspired by the gorgeous and detailed fractals found in nature. One design was created for each of the Relax, Sports and Beauty product lines, each with their own spectrum of colors to easily differentiate each line.

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